Protect Your Filtration System: The pool skimmer socks can capture small articles of debris to protect your pump impeller and shaft seal, prolong the life span of filtration system.
Ultrafine Mesh Screen: Made from ultrafine mesh and durable elastic, the pool filter socks acts as a net to trap and attract leaves, kinds of hairs, glass, pine needles and oil to protect your filter from clogging/damage.
Suitable For Most Pool Basket: Our pool basket socks are LARGER than the ones sold in the market to fit nearly any shape of pool skimmer basket, including the popular brands .
Easy Installation: Just slip the sock over the basket, and then it starts capturing dirt right away.
Cleaning Or Replacement: When soiled, may be cleaned with a garden hose and reused or throw away (if soiled so heavily). Replace sock every 4-6 weeks. Value pack includes 30 socks.


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