• We offer Individually packaged disposable wet wipes that have your custom branding, logo, tag line and/or a brief promotional message, campaign simply whatever information you would like to put on them.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED! Each moist towelette is individually wrapped. This helps to ensure that each wipe is fresh and moist. These wipes have more moisture than traditional moist towelettes! Customers will appreciate the convenience of an individually wrapped towelette instead of a finger bowl.
  • CONVENIENT This product does not need soap and water to use. Customers can simply wipe their hands clean and they will quickly air dry. Serve with the meal, and have a display at the payment counter for customers to help themselves!
  • EXTRA LARGE The unfolded size of this wipe is approximately 9″ x 6″ which is larger than all the other products in the market and more easy and efficent to clean both of your hands.
  • HIGH QUALITY NEW GENERATION WIPES These wipes are not the common paper lemon cented wipes.They are made of new generation of cotton that is fashionable and mostly uesed in all Europe.
  • HIGH END DESIGN AND PRESTIGIOUS SIZE The size of the package is 4.75″ x 2.75″ with a beautiful and high quality design. Please contact us if you want your restaurants name, logo or anything you wanted to print on.
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