• We have various kinds of boxing tapes such as 2”x50-55-110 yds – 3”x50-55-110 yds..Our tapes can firmly stick onto any surface! e.g: paper, metal, plastic, ceramic or porcelain, by this high quality reinforced packing tape
  • Heavy Duty 4 mil of high performance packaging tape thickness. High adhesion and holding power resists popping for a tight seal
  • Industrial Grade Adhesive Holding Power. Support overstuffed packages and cartons making ideal for heavy duty tasks. Adhesive sticks to smooth and textured surfaces especially on cardboard and carton materials.
  • Super Clear and Transparent: Forget that nasty yellow low quality tapes. With this product, you experience the beauty of PERFECT, EFFICIENT that promises MAXIMUM SEALING for your goods as well as an Aesthetically Pleasing result.
  • Fit in a standard packing tape dispenser. can be used for home removals, shipping and mailing, for storing and organizing household items, but also for anything that one expects from a household multi-purpose tape.
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